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Use Sun-Glo Powders and Maintenance products to keep your Champion Shuffleboard table in top shape and playing smoothly!
The Lovell Company carries all the Sun-Glo Shuffleboard products you need!

Sun-Glo Powders:

Speed 1:  Formerly Super Glide - The most Super Fast powder around!  Pure silicone ball beadings.  This powder gives you the game with the most challenge.  Finesse and touch are the key to winning with this powder. One of the best sellers!

Speed 1.5:  Formulated for the serious player. Used in most tournament play and preferred by professionals.

Speed 2:  Tournament Gold - Formulated for the serious player. Used in most tournament play and preferred by professionals.

Speed 3 - Formerly Brown Bear - This powder gives you speed and control as well as a faster game (but not the fastest).  This has been one of the favorite Sun-Glo products for many years.

Speed 4 - Formerly Yellow Bear - Gives you a fast game with the ability to control your speed. A very popular powder with many shuffleboard fans.

Speed 5 - Formerly 5 Star - For a medium-fast game, and ideal for all 14 to 18-foot shuffleboard playing fields. Another popular powder for both professional and social players. This powder gives players a comfortable game -- with optimum speed and control.

Speed 6 - Formerly medium Speed - This powder is best on smaller tables - a perfect partner to 9 to 12-foot tables. Provides a slower game for a 14-foot table.

Speed 7 - Formerly Shuffle Alley & Bowler - This powder is designed for old bowler shuffle alley games.  Can also be used as a slow powder for 9 to 12-foot tables.

Sun-Glo Maintenance Products:

Spray Cleaner: This product should be used, depending on play frequency.  It quickly removes dirt and grime from the play surface.

Silicone Spray:  No matter which powder type you use, Silicone Spray is the perfect partner. A light coat reduces tracking, saves on powder and adds a ton of excitement to the game.  Silicone Spray is designed to be used on our shuffleboard tables.  Spray before you play!

Combination Liquid Cleaner & Polish:  This product removes the grit and grime from the surface of your table and starts polishing process.

Master Glaze: This product will add a protective coating on your playfield.  Monthly use is recommended in conjunction with other maintenance products.

De Lux Paste Wax:  Paste Wax fills any scratches or cracks in the finish of your table.  We recommend that you use this product once every other month, otherwise your table might become too slick.

Complete Maintenance Kit:  Get the complete maintenance kit for all necessary items to keep your shuffleboard like-new.  You get the Cleaner & Polish, Spray Cleaner, Wax and Glaze.

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