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Brunswick Putting Greens

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The Only Green by Brunswick


Serious golfers know that the fastest way to improve their game is to improve their putting skills. That's why so many own The Only Green by Brunswick. Handmade in the USA by skilled craftsman, The Only Green is the most realistic putting green in the world, providing hours of training for you and plenty of fun for the entire family.

A great addition to any home, man-cave, or office!  These ultimate putting greens are great for professional & amateur golfers to perfect their putting skills when they can't make it to the course!

ross green2

Brunswick makes 3 models of The Only Green (Ross, Maxwell, & Macdonald):


2ft x 8ft:  Designed to fit any space and style, the Ross provides a dynamic putting experience that will definitely challenge your skills and significantly impact your game. If you want to make a big statement on the course, ut have only limited space to practice at home, then the Ross is the perfect choice.
- 2 Break Stations for up to 50 different break combinations


3ft x 9ft:  Once you bring the Maxwell into your home or office, you're going to make precision putting on the course look all too easy.  With three break stations on each side of the green and a cup-end that elevates, this green comes with everything you need to take your putting consistency to the next level.
- 3 Break Stations for up to 50,000 different break combinations


4ft x 12ft:  The MacDonald is the ultimate putting green for professional and amateur golfers who want to kick their game up a few notches. When you want the most realistic course-like challenges, the MacDonald is the ideal option.
- 6 Break Stations for up to 50,000 different break combinations


Walnut, Espresso and Natural finishes available.


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Table Tennis Therapy


Ping Pong helps dementia patients!

There are 100s of participants in a Ping Pong Therapy program for people with Alzheimer's and dementia at the Arthur Gilbert Table Tennis Center in Los Angeles.  Even though it's not a cure, Ping Pong Therapy helps by raising heart rate and the blood flow to the brain while exercising them mentally as well as physically.

Founder Mikhail Zaretsky says the sport does not cure, or even slow down the disease.  But, it does help with depression, improves their balance, and makes them more alert, says Zaretsky.  And, family members agree.

So, even though progress towards a cure for Alzheimer's disease seems frustatingly slow, it's good to know that something as simple, fun, and enjoyable as Ping Pong can enhance the lives of those living with dementia today!

Read more about the program and its participants...




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